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 1 Dad Running

There  There are two stories I'd like to share with you.   The first story being, 25 years ago I lost a friend who took his own life, to this day nobody knows why, nobody could see it coming, he had his whole life mapped out, but for reasons only known to him, he took his own life.   Roll forward 25 years & suicide is becoming a more talked about topic, but not enough is being done to raise awareness, it's still a taboo subject, more so in younger people. So this running challenge has been set to run 10k every day for 365 days throughout 2023 with the aim of raising £10,000 for the suicide prevention charity Papyrus. ​ The second story about is a friend/colleague who's daughter was diagnosed with childhood cancer, the news the family were dealt was of total shock, but she was a tough little angel & all the way through her treatment she stayed strong & smiled continually, sadly she lost her battle with childhood cancer at such a young age. The family were supported throughout the treatment period & afterwards, so Candlelighters will be the 2nd charity we are supporting through this challenge. ​ Everybody & anybody is welcome to join me on a run, lets chat, lets run & let's raise awareness together.

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